Self-Catering Accommodation, St Francis Bay, Eastern Cape

The magnificent up-market village at St Francis Bay is a symphony of charming white-walled homes, thatch roofs and intricate tidal canals. Then there is the exclusive Otter's Landing with its sweeping custom-built Tuscan architecture, and alongside, Santareme sporting the crisp and clean lines of Mediterranean style homes.

St Francis also plays host to some of the most fun filled festivals including the Tuna Classic, the popular Calamari Festival during late September and the Port St Francis triathlon in December.

Self-Catering Accommodation, St Francis Bay, Eastern Cape

Rediscover healthy outdoor living in excellent company. There are walks and trails, acres of fynbos and in early summer wild flowers carpet a large expanse with purples, yellows and whites. With its sheltered waters in the river and the bay, water sports are very popular in St Francis Bay.

For land-based activities there’s the Golf Course, which is considered to be the closest to a Scottish links to be found anywhere in South Africa. One can also take a leisurely horseback ride along the pristine white beaches of the bay, or through the hills colourfully clothed in rare Cape coastal fynbos. there are active bowls, squash and tennis clubs, you’ll never run out of opportunities to enjoy St Francis.

The Kromme River, some days a living mirror, sometimes resembling a strong sea, is navigable for 8 kilometres and is the favourite of many a fisherman and sailing enthusiast.

The beaches epitomize perfection - the whitest, cleanest stretches of sand on the South African coastline. St Francis Bay is home to Bruce's Beauties, one of the worlds best known beach breaks, featured in the 60's cult film Endless Summer. Those fortunate enough to stay in St Francis will certainly testify to the extraordinary sunsets and equally invigorating sunrises. It is this harmony with nature that makes St Francis extra special.

Self-Catering Accommodation, St Francis Bay, Eastern Cape

Cape St Francis has the most beautifully pristine beach. A symmetrical curving stretch of gleaming sand in the lee of rolling dunes. The beach leads your eyes to the lighthouse, built in 1878, which warns ships of the dangerous reefs that stretch more than a kilometre out to sea. Viewed from the sky, the lighthouse stands on a rocky promontory - thundering waves splashing white foam ribbons on the huge coastal boulders. Fifteen kilometres west lies Oyster Bay, a hamlet jealously nurtured by the
inhabitants. It is possible to walk the rugged coast line to Oyster Bay and to arrive at the most welcoming beach where the only foot prints may be yours.

Forget the big city waterfront crowds... The commercial harbour of Port St Francis, built in 1995, has always held a unique charm because of both its size and the constant activity.

Also, no visit to St Francis would be complete with stopping in at one of the fine restaurants to sample the succulent calamari dishes that drive the lucrative chokka industry.

In addition to entertainment and industry, the Port also provides anchorage for pleasure craft and ocean going yachts.

This unique and exclusive paradise on the South African Southern Coast draws holiday-makers from all over the world to enjoy the glorious beaches lapped by the warm Indian Ocean, excellent water-sport facilities, a leisurely lifestyle and the magical beauty of its unspoilt surroundings.

An extensive canal system is linked to the Kromme River estuary and offers residents and holidaymakers an exotic marina lifestyle. Here one can experience the pleasures of living right at the water's edge, including the thrill of fishing from the front lawn!

One can spend many leisurely hours on the gentle sloping beach which stretches for kilometres all along the curve of the land to the estuary.Work on a perfect tan, watch the hobie-cats racing the bay, or take a stroll, searching for special shells for which the area is renowned. Or how about an exhilarating gallop through the surf in the early morning?

Self-Catering Accommodation, St Francis Bay, Eastern Cape

Discover this unique and exclusive paradise on South African's Sunshine Coast which draws people from all over the world. Enjoy the glorious beaches, excellent water-sports, a leisurely lifestyle and the magical beauty of its unspoilt surroundings. St Francis Bay situated midway between Port Elizabeth and Knysna, offers a delightful escape from the pressures of daily life in a haven of peace and tranquillity. Once you have experienced this lifestyle, it becomes a precious memory to cherish forever. This is the essence of St Francis Bay.

What you see today has been pioneered by men like Leighton Hulett, who in 1954, set up a humble fishing camp on his farm Goedgeloof. It was his insistence on a certain amount of uniformity that gives St Francis Bay it's unique character! Leighton later went on to acquire more land on the banks of the Kromme River, where in 1968, he began work on the beginnings of the impressive canals you can see today.

Cape St Francis, visualised by John Booysen who made a swop of his Chevrolet car for part of a farm bordering the lighthouse at Seal Point, originally became a township. In 1965, after just two years, the township was proclaimed the town of Cape St Francis.

Eight restaurants, open all year, offer a full variety of South African and international cuisine. Greek, Swiss, Mediterranean, Italian and local specialities may be found here. The central Village shopping centre with a variety of retail outlets makes shopping a convenient and enjoyable experience.

St Francis is a great place to visit. It's also an ideal place to live. The magnificent up-market village at St Francis Bay is a symphony of charming white-walled homes, thatched roofs and intricate tidal canals.

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